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Safeguarding & Respect

We take the safety and well-being of the children in our care very seriously - it's the single most important aspect of what we do.

Whilst we are run entirely by volunteers, the FA has set out strict guidelines as to the checks and qualifications any individuals involved in coaching children must hold, and we are committed to adhering to and enforcing these as a minimum.

This means that as a Club we require all coaches to hold the following qualifications:

A valid, FA accepted, CRC certificate.

An in-date, FA Safeguarding Children award.

An up-to-date, FA approved, Emergency First Aid qualification.

Further, each team (e.g. every team within any one age group) must also have at least one FA Level 1 qualified coach.

Beyond this, we also expect all players, spectators, coaches and officials to act in accordance with the relevant Code of Conduct as published by the FA from time to time.  The current RESPECT campaign is fully supported by the club, in fact all players, parents and coaches must agree to abide by these Codes of Conduct at all times, and do so at the start of every season.

See below for Codes of Conduct other useful documents.

Click the download button to download and  view documents


We want our players to enjoy playing football, develop and grow.  As part of that development we expect everyone who plays for the Club to follow this simple code as all times.

Parents & Spectators

As a Club we expect all parents and spectators to lead by example and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times.  This code outlines exactly what that entails.

Coaches & Club Officials

As much as we expect of players and parents, our coaches carry even greater responsibility when it comes to showing your children how the game should be played, won and lost and as such all coaches must follow the FA's code of conduct at all times.

Match Officials

It's easy to forget the officials - be they paid referees or parent helpers - and they must, at all times, be treated with respect.  It works both ways of course, and so here's the FA's code for officials which sets out what we should all expect of them in return for our support.

Safeguarding Children Policy

Our policies & practices regarding

safeguarding children, including all relevant contact details.

Anti-Bullying Policy

The FA's policy document on anti-bullying measures, which we have adopted as our own.

If you have any queries or concerns about child welfare issues, please contact our Child Welfare Officer, Shelley Charlton at:

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