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In April 2020, we were awarded a grant of over £56,000 from the Premier League, the FA and the Government’s Football Foundation, to help improve the grass pitches at Paradise Road.

As part of the funding, we need to keep a record of the works anyway and so we thought why not make it public.  So, as well as general views of the site or the occasional picture of machinery in action, for each pitch we'll regularly post pictures of three key areas as follows:

GW = The edge the of six yard box within the goal at the west end of the pitch.

GE =  The edge of the six yard box within the goal at the east end of the pitch.

C = Within the center circle.

Hopefully, over the six years of partially funded works we should see an incredible transformation.  So if you like pictures of steadily improving grass, this is the page for you.

April 2020 - before work begins

Although on the face of it the playing surfaces at Paradise Road are fairly decent, when you look at them up close, there's not an awful lot of grass.  The FA's own pitch report placed our 'desirable grasses' coverage at just 30%.

April 2020 - work begins

No sooner did we get confirmation of the grant than Phil and the 1st Grass team set to work.  Here's some photos from day one - and you can already get a sense of how dramatically these works will improve things.

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