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An Early Morning Delivery

As far as first bits of news featured on blogs go, they don'y get bigger than this... literally. OK, our brand new storage container is not as long as the current one at 'only' 20 feet, so technically they do, but it's still exciting news nonetheless.

A 7:00AM delivery slot saw Matt (Chairman) and Russ (Treasurer) down at Paradise Road bright and early to supervise* the haulage guys and the lifting company in dropping the new unit over the treeline and onto strategically positioned railway sleepers.

It may have been early and misty, but who doesn't love a crane?

Once it's racked out, the new storage container will hold Training Equipment like the Samba goals and new pop-up goals (currently cluttering up the portacabin), with the old container then reserved for match-day kit only and the newly cleared portacabin being re-purposed to include new toilets.

There's much more to come... new signs, new fencing, improved car park etc., but as we're finding these things all take a bit of time. Obviously, we're always open to suggestions too!

If you like a lorry and a crane as much as we do, check out the photos.

* drink coffee and point.

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